Laredo Leather Bag

  • $69.00


Buttery soft Leather 

1 Zipper Pocket on the outside & 1 Zipper Pocket on the inside.

2 Open Pockets on the inside (3 in total)

Item Width 18
Item Depth 4
Item Height 11.5
Handle 13

Perfect to carry books, traveling, a laptop, items for the kids or whatever- it’s a big, yet practical size to get plenty of daily use out of! 

This stylish Myra bag combines functional design with chic high fashion for everyday use. Myra Bags are made from upcycled materials like canvas tarps and tents, using recycled materials to avoid waste. The Myra Bag collection is about creating great fashion that's earth friendly. We add special detailing like leather handles, trim, and printed graphics to give Myra Bags a one-of-a-kind style.

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