Crazy Until It Happens

  • $24.00

This bracelet reads "it’s only crazy until it happens" in lower case script lettering. Leather is approximately 2mm thick // Bracelet is 1/4-inch wide -- the writing very small and delicate // Metal details made from brass // All handmade and sourced in the US


Story Behind These Bracelets:

Michael Todd is the pastor at Transformation Church in Tulsa- he went to college for just one semester, never went to seminary, is super open with his past & now he’s the pastor of a church that began in an old Walmart building & is now moving to the Spirit Bank Center. His preaching has reached so many people within the past couple years! Currently he’s in week 6 of a series called ‘Crazy Faith’ and the saying for it is “Crazy Faith: it’s only crazy until it happens”

During week 1 it of the series, Michael talked about having Crazy Faith- so when you don’t understand where God is leading you, the dreams He put in your heart may not make sense & you feel unqualified, you may sound ‘Crazy’ but you can have faith because with Him, something might sound crazy but ‘it’s only crazy until it happens’

I loved the saying & it stuck in my mind so much that I reached out to a lady in Virginia to have these custom made for our store!

I figured people who follow Transformation Church may enjoy it & if not, it’s still a good saying to keep someone encouraged!💛

Watch Week 1 of ‘Crazy Faith’ Here:

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