Q: What does FAQs even mean? 

A: This is one of those things you may know the meaning but haven't thought much about what the letters specifically stand for. Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do I do if I got an item & it just isn't floating my boat? 

A: Uh Oh! We hope you love everything you buy from us, but in the rare event you want to know about returns, check out our "Return Policy" at the bottom of the page!


Q: Do your clothes run true to size? 

A: We try to be a little obsessive when it comes to this- with every brand we sell, one of the main things we look at is how 'true to size' they are! If we get an item in & are 'iffy' on how it fits, we will put a note in the description! You are always welcome to ask if you are questioning something too :) 


Q: If I am insecure about my arms, stomach or whatever else, how do I know if something may fit well or not? 

A: I love this question. Just ask! We have a chat feature, email & Facebook all there so that we can easily communicate with ya'll! Don't be shy if you want to know our thoughts or more info about something- if we can help, that's what we're here to do!


Q: Woohoo! You have FREE Shipping! But where do you ship to? 

A: While it would be exciting to take orders from everywhere, we only accept orders in the United States and ship orders to the places within United States.