About Us... Because We're Just So Dang Interesting!

We may not be THAT interesting but we do want you to get to know who you’re shoppin’ with!

We are a mother & daughter ‘team’ that happens to be best friends too, which doesn’t hurt when you work together! Mom grew up in a farming family just north of Enid, met dad at a baseball game, had my brother & I, lived in Guthrie for 23 years and now is an awesome Mamaw to the coolest little girl ever, my niece! Mom is super smart (don’t tell her I said that or she’ll get a big head) & puts others before herself always!

I am 25, grew up in Guthrie, went to college at UCO & got a Bachelors in Music Business. Because basically nobody works in the field they got their degree in, I didn’t want to be the odd one out, so I’m not in music, I run a boutique! (...or I just decided I didn’t want to move to Nashville  ) I still love country music & would someday like to have a storefront with a jukebox. For now though, spending time with family/friends, working on the store & being involved in my church are my top priorities! 

Mom & I both have such a passion for helping others feel confident! With that said, our prayer is that ya'll don't just feel like a customer making a purchase, but like a friend who can ask questions, ask for prayer & included when it comes to style & size! 💛