What We Tell Ourselves

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     Every now & then, if I find something that can lift someone’s spirits, make them laugh or just spread some positivity, I want to share it with ya’ll! So, here I am to talk about being kind to yourself!
     If you’re like me, it can be so easy to unconsciously critique yourself... but you tell yourself things that you would NEVER say to another person because it would be rude & you wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings. So, if what you say would bring another person down, why is it “ok” to say it to ourselves….One night I came across this video called “Things We Tell Ourselves” & it has stuck with me. Kristina Kuzmic, known as the “Truth Bomb Mom” online, brought in a few women and started asking them what they say to themselves. They said things like:
  • My kids deserve a better mom
  • I need to clean more
  • I feel like a pig & will never lose the weight.
     Then, Kristina pulled out a photo of them when they were a little girl & she asked “Would you tell this little girl those things?” Of course they said ‘no’ but it’s crazy because they are still that person- at what age did it start to be ‘ok’ to cut themselves down like they did? When I saw this video, I tried to answer the same question of 'what do I tell myself' and then 'what would I tell the younger me if I saw her'- I had this picture on my phone from when I was 4 & apparently enjoyed dressing up like Elmer Fudd ;)
     If I saw that girl, I would say you have a rotten but super cute smile- I love your long curly blonde hair, you’re rocking that orange camo and you look super happy, so keep that spirit up!
     I wouldn’t say I’m miserably hard on myself now, but I do need to be aware that I'm still that girl & it’s not ok to cut myself down, just like it’s never ok to cut others down. You are beautiful and valuable- God didn’t slip up when creating your heart or physical beauty. You were created in His image... So let’s all try to lighten up on ourselves a bit ;) 
“You are fearfully & wonderfully made” - Psalm 139:16 
Here is the videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnzlG5NYT8M 

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