What the Hell is a Jennessee Jayne

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When you’re working on making your dream of owning a boutique come true, who wouldn’t want to hear “What the hell is a *insert name of boutique here*?” from your brother…

Alright, so I’ll give that it’s a somewhat valid question since it’s a name, but neither of the owner’s names or anyone they even know… and I have to give my brother the benefit of the doubt because at the time, he didn’t know my mom & I were actively pursuing this dream.

So to get creative, here’s the quick run down on the name & the answer to my brother’s completely non-blunt question:

Jennessee Jayne
[jen-uh-see] [jayne (not many ways to pronounce this wrong…)]
  1.  Keilee’s (co-owner) favorite name. If she ever has a daughter, this name would be on the top of her considerations list. If she doesn’t have a daughter, then at least she has something with this fun name!
  2. ‘Jane’ is Teri’s (co-owner) mom & Keilee’s grandma’s middle name so it has that behind it, but of course its more fun to be difficult & mix up the spelling a bit.
  3. Keilee has a Bachelors degree in music business that began because of her love for country music. ‘Jennessee’ sounds like ‘Tennessee’ so it’s a fun way to subtly bring in that influence.

 So there it is- it’s a random name but to my mom & I, it was something we both loved. We want this store to have a sassy, rustic, but also tasteful style throughout and when we were discussing names, it just fit!

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