Not Where I Thought...

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Well, I’m 26 & this isn’t where I thought I’d be in life. Honestly I thought/hoped I would be married by now and for a while I thought I would be in Nashville.

But ya know what, I’m not complaining. 

This isn’t where I thought I’d be but I never even imagined being able to have a business of my own. I didn’t realize how close my mom & I would be that she would go in on this venture with me. I didn’t know I would have a niece that would take a boring day of working on my laptop to being super silly by licking my face, singing Taylor Swift or requesting me to put on funny puppy videos for her. I didn’t know I would be so involved in Church that I would get to be a part of a Bible study that I love and then go on to meet some of the best people ever who I get to make memories with and enjoy life with!

 This Birthday, I feel thankful. Yes I have desires in my heart that I hope someday happen, but God has done SO much in my life that I didn’t expect.

 So the plan is to enjoy whatever season of life God has me in, listen to Him & not try to push my plans…. He’s got much better ones clearly!

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