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Teri - Mom – Mamaw - T – Linda (if she’s stressed I call her this. If you’re understandably wondering why, watch this:

These are all the names my best friend/mom goes by!

She is the co-owner of Jennessee Jayne’s - Her & I are so much alike which can be a tough at times (since we're both stubborn) but the pros out way the cons on this one because we always understand each other.

We both have sensitive hearts, put family 1st, have a similar style and we don’t have to talk about something to know if the other is down or happy.

Here are just a couple examples to brag on her!


When I was a senior in high school, I decided for a few reasons to skip our school’s banquet. Instead of asking 20 questions & making me get all into why I didn’t want to go, mom just understood I had my reasons & she left it with that. Then, she did something that I will never forget- the day of the banquet, she got me out of school early, had packed me a bag, and we started driving...but she wouldn’t tell me where we were headed. We drove for a couple hours, and ended up at Quartz Mountain Resort in southern Oklahoma where we got to spend 3 days just hanging out at the pool, lake & checking out nearby small towns.So instead of going back to school the next week bummed that I missed out on a banquet, mom took me a weekend trip that I would never forget


When Miranda Lambert opened her “Pink Pistol” store in Tishomingo, Oklahoma mom & I took a trip down to check it out. After a couple weekend trips of checking out small town boutiques together, we started to think how fun it would be for her & I to run our own someday. In the words of Russell Westbook we thought “Why Not?” We loved meeting people, we loved seeing how clothes could give a boost in confidence and we really enjoyed finding clothes/accessories/gifts that were unique. Back then I was working on my Music Business degree, so it was definitley something I wanted, but not sure if it would become reality or not BUT here we are! THANK GOODNESS! 


She is the best example when it comes to family! When my Grandma Painter had doctor appointments, she would drive a little over an hour to Marlow, drive her to OKC for the appointment, then take her back to Marlow, then drive home (all the while, she never complained) Then when my Grandma Painter was about to pass, mom & I went down a few weekends in a row just because mom was determined to not let Grandma be alone, so we went and held her hand, played Reba's gospel album and talked to her. Because of mom wanting to do that, her, Grandma & I had some memories that I will always be SO thankful for! Then with my niece- she is the coolest Mamaw! She adores my her, will cuddle with her when she’s sick, takes her to the zoo, parties with her at Chuck E Cheeses & is constantly reminding her how much she's loved! Seeing her with my niece makes me so excited for when I have kids someday, because us three hanging out will be a blast!

I really can’t thank Mom enough for all she does- God definitely blessed me when he chose her to be my mom, example & best friend!

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