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Have you ever been asked a question on how something’s going & you just respond ‘its goin good’ just so you avoid getting into how you really feel….

If that’s just me, that’s cool ;)

With the boutique I’ve really seen God working…which doesn’t mean it just ‘took off’ & is so overwhelmingly awesome. It means, He’s reminded me who’s in control & it ain’t me.

Statistic wise, we’re doing great! But you know how if you work hard on something & it feels like there isn’t as much happening as you expected, then it gets to you. I’m asking myself ‘What can I fix?’, ‘Do people enjoy it?’, ‘Am I smart enough for this?’ etc. Satan loves putting these questions in my head!

I prayed about this & 100% felt like God led me to start this. Does God’s plans always make sense? Nope! He didn’t go through a qualification checklist & think I was just the perfect candidate to own a business… He just had a plan & knew He could give me the wisdom to do it.

Why am I writing this?

Because wouldn’t it be nice if people could put aside the easy answer of ‘it’s going good’ and be honest?

Vulnerability is tough, but so is holding your feelings in & putting a smile on.

Last week I went to a Young Adults event at church & when I told people everything was going well, that was the end of that… BUT when I was honest & explained how I was being hard on myself in fear I wasn’t doing ‘well enough’, I got the encouragement I needed.

A friend sent me Zechariah 4:10 “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” It was exactly what I needed.

I don’t doubt God spoke through that text to remind me that I’m following His plan & it wasn’t ever promised it would be easy venture, but He did promise He would be with us & He rejoices when He sees us trusting Him and taking a step of faith.

Anyways, I wanted to share that experience to say that when friends ask how you are, yes it’s easy to tell them you’re doing well (and heck, I hope you ARE doing well) but if you feel the need to open up and you do, you might be opening a door for them to be there for you whether it be just through listening, prayer, advice, hug etc.

 That’s the end of my rant o’ thoughts- hope it’s encouraging to someone! Love ya’ll!!

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